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After another Jets Collapse, Time to Hire a Real Head Coach

Good job Jets, way to blow what was once a very promising season. It is completely mind-boggling that this team went from 8-3 and on top of the world to a 9-7 3rd place finish. Obviously Mangini isn't the only person deserving blame but unfortunately players don't get fired, coaches do. Favre played absolutely atrociously down the stretch, when the Jets needed his magic the most. It is time for him to hang up his spikes. Overall he did much more harm than good for this team. Sure he sold tons of jerseys and his presence made the idea of PSL's easier to swallow but he just makes too many mistakes. We all knew that going into this. There were going to be times of great plays and there were going to be horrible mistakes. Unfortunately he made too many mistakes for this Jets team to overcome, especially playing with a defense that couldn't stop anyone the last 5 games of the season. It's hard to win football games when you can't execute properly on either side of the ball.
The poor execution has to be blamed on the coaches. Sure you can blame individual players for not executing properly, but when the entire defensive unit can't defend, that is the coaches problem. Defensive coordinator Bob Sutton should have been the first to go. Mangini is gone and Sutton will in all likelihood be gone within the next few weeks as well. Now the Jets need to get a real head coach. This time it can't be a rookie.
Mangini didn't work out the way we would have liked. He had two winning seasons, but this season is just as bad if now worse than the 4-12 season because of how much promise we showed. To be 8-3 and then miss the playoffs is inexcusable.
Before Mangini we gave Herm Edwards his first head coaching gig. He took us to the playoffs a few times, and with him the Jets were a Doug Brian field goal away from the AFC championship game but overall made poor decisions on the field and although the players loved him was not a good coach (as he is showing again in Kansas City).
Obviously the most appealing name to the Jets is Bill Cowher, but honestly I don't see it happening. There are reports that he doesn't want to coach next year (although $8 to $10 million a year might change that). Even if he does come in the Jets are looking at a difficult situation. The next 5 years of the Jets all depends on what Favre decides to do. If he comes back the Jets have to stay in their win now mentality and the coach coming in knows that after a season he has to rebuild. If Favre does us all a favor and truly retires this time the Jets can start the rebuilding process this year by having a new coach come in and groom a QB for the years to come. I think we already have our QB of the future in Brett Ratliff but all we have seen of him has been preseason games against 2nd and 3rd string defenses. If not Ratliff then the Jets need to draft a QB with their first round pick. Everyone can see that Clemens just isn't going to be a good QB in this league. And I do not want Matt Cassel. He will not be a good QB with any other team. Look at the talent he is playing along side with in New England.
Other possible head coaching candidates with previous experience are Marty Schottenheimer, Andy Reid, Mike Holmgren, Jim Fassel, and Brian Billick. Marty is a proven winner in the regular season but has never gotten it done in the post season. Andy Reid, if let go in Philidelphia can bring McNabb with him and the Jets could be very good for the next 5 years, Holmegren could have one last shot to do something special with Favre. Fassel couldn't get it done with the Giants (but at least got them to s Super Bowl) and is desperate for a job. Billick is supposed to have a great offensive mind but never turned the ravens into anything special offensively.
Steve Spagnolo, the Giants defensive coordinator will get a head coaching job next year. I just hope its not with our team. We cannot let another man with no previous head coaching experience be our coach. We need a coach who has a proven track record of winning. Therefor I see only a few options. Do everything you can to get Cowher to come to New York. If we can't get him and we know Favre won't retire, get Holmegren to stay in the league for one more year. Otherwise the only option for the Jets is Schottenheimer (which sucks because this means his son will still be our offensive coordinator) or Andy Reid if he brings over McNabb. However since the Eagles somehow managed to get into the playoffs and could do some damage over the next few weeks, I see both of them staying putt in Philly.
So its either Schottenheimer or Cowher. Jets please do us all a favor. Do whatever it takes and get Bill Cowher on the New York Jets sidelines next season.

Oh Yea, reports are coming out saying that Parcells may be able to opt out of his deal and still get paid everything on his contract. He didn't like Woody Johnson so I don't see him coming back and even if he would come back it seems like he doesn't want to be on the sidelines anymore. But if he showed interest in coming back to be our coach, do it. The Jets have been lost since he left so please Woody do whatever it takes to give us a real Head Coach. The fans will be disappointed if anyone besides Cowher or Parcells is hired.

Matt Nashban


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