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The Aftermath

Eric Man"genius", We Hardly Knew Ye

In the aftermath of another colossal collapse in Jets land, we say goodbye to a young, smart, hungry, hard working, dare I say it, good guy/head caoch. Most likely a guy who at 37 was in a bit over his head, but a guy who did the best damn job he could. Mangini had a fun and goofy sense of humor, was a good family man, and a guy who obviously loved a good meal as much as he did football. My first thoughts are wistful thoughts of what if and what will be. What if the Packers kept Favre, and the Jets had played on this year with Chad Pennington? I have a feeling the Jets would be hosting the Ravens on Sunday if that had happened. What will be of Mangini? Will the Jets be Mangini's Cleveland Browns? Will Mangini go on to greatness elsewhere, like Belichick did? One we'll never know, the other, we shall see. While I agree with the decision to move on at this time, I personally feel bad for the guy, and I have a feeling he'll do quite a bit better the next time he gets a chance. And he will get another chance, and somewhere, someday, he'll probably beat the Jets once or twice. Hopefully, for him, he's ready to step out of the second rate Belichik imitation and do it his way.

Hoping Brett The Gunslinger Hangs Em' Up

I'm thinking it's time for the old cowboy to called it a day, ride off into the sunset on his John Deer tractor and mow the lawn on his ranch, coach a little flag football, hunt and fish, chew tobacco, drink beer, or whatever it is retired rich guys from Mississippi do. I think Mangini's career in New York was prematurely ended by the great one's end of season collapse. Were the Jets a bit flat in Frisco? Seattle? Maybe. They probably were, actually. But if Favre didn't keep putting the defense on the field with mind-boggingly stupid turnovers, the Jets, at the very least, win both of those games, and we're having a very different conversation right now. As far as his sore shoulder, if he was playing in pain, he should have said something, and either taken a week or two off, let Clemens or Ratliff have a shot at the Broncos and/or Niners, and come back to finish the season rested. Don't get me wrong, I think the "Favre Experiment" was a gamble the Jets had to take, because as well as Pennington did this year we all damn well know he's not a championship quarterback. I'd bet the farm Ray Lewis and company are going to remind us of that on Sunday. I agreed with the move for Favre at the time and I agree with it now. I just don't see how at age 39 Brett comes back and plays better next year. If he does come back, I pretty much see the same scenario playing out next year - good start, competitive until December, and then a same old Jets vanishing act. Tannenbaum drafted Kellen Clemens three years ago and Brett Ratliff flashed in the pre-season showing mobility, poise and a heck of an arm. I think 2009 is either the year to give them a shot to fight it out in camp for the starting job, or get somebody else, maybe a Matt Cassell type.
Look In-House First
It's been reported, thankfully, that Sutton and Schotty are gone, and I think Mike Westoff should be a given a good hard look as head coach, and Bill Callahan a look at offensive coordinator. Westoff has been a respected coordinator for a long, long time, and he's smart, and fiery, maybe the ingredient Mangini lacked but desperately needed at the end. Callahan's prowess as an offensive coach is well documented and he's now had a year being around Clemens and Ratliff. The continutiy he and Westoff would bring could mean success next year, with a team bulit to "win now". In this scenario, of course, the last piece of the puzzle would be a veteran 3-4 defensive coordinator who could take the players we have, add a few pieces, like a corner to compliment Revis, a hard hitting safety who can cover somebody, and some depth on the defensive line, where Kenyon Coleman has been invisible for two years and Sean Ellis isn't getting any younger, light a fire under them, coach with some passion, some smarts and teach them to, for once and for all, ATTACK!!! I'd favor something along those lines over a complete overhaul, which may mean one or two more middlin' years before any real progress is seen. It's already been forty years, I can't wait that long.
Just another day in Jets Land. Someone else is out as the HC of the NYJ, and the Giants roll on.
Go Eagles!

by Jim Josselyn


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