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Are the Jets going to let us down…AGAIN?

There’s an old Foreigner jingle that sums up the feeling of the majority of Jets fans going into this weeks “blockbuster” match-up against the Seahawks in Seattle, and it goes a little something like this…”I want to know what love is, I want you to show me.”
Well, Man-Genius…show me. Show us all. We can not afford to wake up Monday morning, three days before Christmas and realize that the team that we took so much stock in this year is now 9-6 in one of the tightest and toughest playoff races in football. I mean it. I can’t do last year again. Last year was a monstrosity. I’d rather C.C. Sabathia pitch a pipe wrench into my grill, then live through another last year. Now, some of you might say we’ve already done better then last year. And yes, that is the case, record wise, but if you don’t make the playoffs…no, scratch that. If you don’t win the Super Bowl, the outcome is the same. You don’t think the Jets front office spent more money then any other team in the league this off-season to be 9-5 right now do you…huh? I don’t believe so either. I don’t think they went out, signed Favre and got rid of Chad “Wet Noodle” Pennington to be tie with the hated Patriots and “The Noodle’s” new team, the Miami Dolphins. Yes, the Dolphins.
Yes, we are at the top of the division. Yes, if the playoffs were tomorrow, we’d be in. Yes, if Favre goes out and avoids interceptions, and if Thomas Jones runs ramped like a sexually transmitted disease through Hoboken, then we should be okay. But on the other side of that disturbing coin, if my aunt had a set of junk she’d be my uncle…but she’s not.
So, I guess time will be the deciding factor. Will Jet fan spend next week at gatherings with family and friends wishing his drunk cousin from Michigan would choke on the under cooked turkey that seems to be on his face more then in his mouth? Or will he spend next week throwing down shots of some Jet-green drink and chanting “J-E-T-S JETS, JETS, JETS”, at two o’clock in the morning while running naked down a snow covered street in Long Island? Only time will tell.
So come on Jets, there’s only two games left. Don’t let the Giants get all the credit. We deserve some too. Do it for the city, do it for the respect, do it for the homeless guy outside my building that smells like Chinese food and urine, (he might be the biggest Jet fan ever). So from all Jet fans…we want to know what love is, we want you to show us.

--D.H. Bradway


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