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Do it gently, Jets.

Last week I wrote how if we woke up on Monday and had to face the fact that Seattle had beaten our Jets, how terrible that would feel. Well guess what...its real. Its real, it's here and it hurts! The Jets have let us down. Again.
I cant do this anymore. I mean it, its getting to a point where I believe getting struck repeatedly in the face by an angry mother pit viper, might be less painful. I mean, come on already. Is it that hard to win games consistantly? Huh? Despite the Patriots pretty much trying to give us the division this year by Brady taking the season off, we have still managed to be exactly where we should be...on the bubble. And guess what, I'm no bubbleologist but I dont think that bubble is sturdy enough to carry us into January. Its going to burst.
Merry freaking Christmas Jet fan, this is as good as it gets. As a Jets fan, I expect to make the playoffs like children in Zimbabwe expect to wake up tommorrow morning and make snow angels in six inches of a cold, white, powdery substance. It just wont happen...and it sickens me.
You see teams like the Pats, the Colts, the Titans...they all win consistantly, and besides the Titans, have done so for years. We have a good quarterback, a great running back, decent recievers, our special teams is good; I just dont get it. Besides our defense faultering recently, we havent played that bad...I wonder what the problem could be? Hmmm...
Oh, I got it! Its got to be that gun shy, over-rated, wanna-be Italian calling the shots in between stuffing his face with canolis and biscotti. You would have thought that when he was working for New England and following Belichick around like a stray puppy, asking him if his coffee took one lump or two, he would have taken something away from that experience. I guess not. He cant win games, but I bet we makes one hell of a latte...just ask Bill.
So, where do we go from here. Well, if your Mangini, the unemployment line sounds good to me. If your Favre, to Mississippi to fill out your AARP information also sounds good to me. If your Thomas Jones, to a new team (because he deserves better then here).
I dont know, maybe I'm just hurt, maybe I expect to much from this team, maybe I think to highly of them, maybe I'm just setting myself up for disappointment, maybe tommorrow I'll walk to the middle of the Ben Franklin Bridge, remove my clothes (except for my Jets hat), and swan dive on to an under-passing tug boat, missing the water completely. That would, in the long run, probably hurt much less.
Thanks alot Jets. Thanks for rekindling that 15 year old heroine habit I thought was kicked. Thanks for giving me absolutely nothing to brag about this year except how Mangini can eat 44 hot dogs in two and a half minutes...what...that wasn't him? Oh well. It sounded good.
You got one more week to let us down...do it gently.

--D.H. Bradway


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