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Same Old Jets

They have done it to us again. Loosing to a now 4-11 Seattle team, has crushed the Jets playoff hopes. After starting 8-3 the Jets now are 9-6 going in to the final game of the season. They no longer have the division lead and no longer control their own destiny. They will need to beat Miami next week and have the Patriots loose to the Bills (Not likely but not impossible) to win the division or have the Ravens loose to the Jaguars couples with a Jets win to clinch the last wild card spot with the 6th seed. The Jets had control of their destiny and now no longer do, they have collapses like so many other Jets teams have done over the year.
Today they showed nothing that would imply they have the ability to beat a surprisingly good Miami team next week. The only aspect of the game the Jets are performing well in is the running game, but we again failed to play to our strengths, passing the ball all day even though they were playing in the snow. Leon Washington again got almost no touches (3 to be exact). He needs to get the ball more. He makes big plays, that is what he does, but he can't make the explosive play if he isn't given the ball.
Favre needs to realize he is not the QB that he used to be. His arm just can't make the throws he once could. Knowing this he has to stop throwing the ball up for grabs. His 1st interception today had no chance of making it to Cotchery. You could tell it was a pick the moment it left his hands.
The defense needs to get their act together. They can't stop the run and can't defend the pass. Where is the defensive from 4 weeks ago?
And can the coaches let the players play. How can Mangini not let Feely kick from 50 yards out. He booted the practice kick from 45 yards out with enough distance to go at least 55 yards before the delay of game penalty. Do you not watch the game Eric? Let him kick the damn ball.
Now I can't fault him for going for it on 4th and 4. The way our defense has played who knows if we would have ever gotten the ball back. But what kind of play call was that. 4th and 4 with the season on the line and you throw a deep ball? Now Coles should have made the catch, it was the only pass Favre put on the money all day, but it shouldn't have come to that. 4 yards to keep your season alive you try to pick up 4 yards you don't go for the home run.
The Jets have done it to their fans once again. The players change but the outcome of the team always stays the same. They suck you in, making you a believer, and then loose the games that they're supposed to win.
Now the season isn't over but its pretty darn close. The Jets need to win and then they need some help. Nothing would be worse than seeing the Dolphins with Chad Pennington as their leader dance on our field as division champions next week. The Jets need to figure out a way to not be the same old Jets, to find a way to beat Chad and the Dolphins, and then pray for a holiday miracle, needing either Buffalo to win at home against the Patsy's or Baltimore to loose at home to Baltimore. Good job Jets, way to blow another promising year.

Matt Nashban


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