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Same old, same old


Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me for about, oh, thirty years, shame on me. What cliche can we use that hasn't been used? How can we find a new way to say what's already been said about the same old lousy, break your heart into a million pieces J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets that hasn't already been said. Who else could be on top of the football world in week eleven, beat two of the best teams in the conference in their buildings and then completely fall off the face of the earth, with NO MAJOR INJURIES? A HALL OF FAME QB? SEVEN PRO-BOWLERS? and then lose to the Broncos, Niners and Seahawks? Only our beloved Jets. You can't make this stuff up. Anyone at this point think Namath actually did sell our souls for SB111?


The sad thing is that I think this latest debacle was the end of the road for Mangini. I think I can speak for most Jets fans when I say that it would have been great if he was the guy. Thirty something years old, hungry, he seemed to have so much to offer as a coach when he got started here, and if he was a winner he could have had this job as long as he wanted it. As he likes to say "It''s all Jets, all the time". At the very least he was the anti-Herm, a no-nonsense x's and o's "smart" guy from the Parcells/Belichick coaching tree. What more could we have asked for? Well, it turns out he wasn't quite all that, and I think, frankly he's in over his head. The first year he (and maybe the schedule) somehow willed a mediocre Jets team to ten wins and "the nickname" started. As Rich Kotite famously said "I'm NOT a genius". Turns out, either is Eric Mangini. Question is, how can Woody Johnson look us straight in the eye, ask us to fund his new stadium with those ridiculous PSL's, and bring Mangini back after this collapse? I think there is alot of talent on this team, and they could be pretty damn good next year with a smart, solid off season and the right guy at the helm. The $64,000 (PSL) question is...who is the right guy? It's time for Mike T. to tell his buddy the bad news, find his replacement and do the deed. We're close and with the right leadership we can compete in this league.


So it comes down to this. Most likely our joy will be the loser's joy of knocking a hated rival out of the playoffs, the consolation prize. And, oh, by the way, our ex quarterback's the hated rival's leader. Half of me says go ahead, Chad, win and go do something in the playoffs, you were the innocent in this whole mess. You were so easy to root for, a stand-up team first guy of the highest caliber. If you ever had the arm to match your brains and guts you'd have been unstoppable. Now, don't get carried away and win the superbowl, but win a game. I'd much rather see Pennington in the playoffs than Belichick and the Pats, and I think that's what it comes down to. I don't see how in the world the Jags beat the Ravens or the Bills beat the Pats, and the way the Jets are playing, how in the world can they beat the Dolphins? Unless those football gods I spoke about last week are just messing with us, and have cooked up this crazy scheme where the Jets get the last laugh. I don't know and right now I don't care. I'm so disapointed now I probably won't even watch the game this week. I mean, I've got better things to do like take down the christmas tree, put away the holiday decorations, spend the entire day with my wife, kids and in-laws. Well, maybe I'll just watch the beginning of the game, see how it starts out, and take it from there. Fool me once, indeed.

Jim Josselyn

P.S. The biggest mistake yesterday was not going for it on fourth down with two minutes left. The way the Jets were playing defense they weren't going to stop the Seahwaks from running out the clock. The mistake was throwing a 45 yard bomb when we only needed four yards. Whatever happened to the short passing game and Leon Washington and Dustin Keller?


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