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Time for Favre and Jets to Step Up

There are two games left for the Jets in a regular season that shouldn’t have come to this point. They were 8-3 after beating the Titans on the road and were fighting for a first round bye. Now they are fighting just to stay alive and be one of the six participants to represent the AFC in the playoffs. If it weren’t for the miracle in the meadowlands last week, the season would already be over. Never the less, they have two regular season games left to play and have control of their destiny.

During these last two weeks it is time for the team to step up. This is why the Jets brought Favre in back in August. He needs to be the leader and take this team to the playoffs much like he did all those years playing in Green Bay. The Defense needs to get their act together and at least create the illusion that they are actually out there on the field. The coaches need to take advantage of the players they have (Leon Washington only 1 rush last week).

It is time for this entire franchise to step up and prove that they are not the same old New York Jets. Everything was in place for the Jets this year. Brady went down in week 1. Favre came in, in the preseason along with a revamped offensive line and a defense that finally fit the 3-4 scheme. They started 8-3 and were on top of the world. Now they have sunken back to reality and need to regroup and get the two wins needed to get into the playoffs.
This team has no excuses. They play a 3-11 team this weekend and it shouldn’t matter where the game is being played. Football is football. It is the same game on the east coast as it is on the west coast. If the Jets cannot beat a 3-11 team they do not deserve to be in the playoffs.

Then in the final week of the season They’ll meet Chad Pennington and the Dolphins at home in a game that will most likely decide the division. The game will be in prime time; it will be a cold windy night in the meadowlands, the type of weather people say Pennington can’t play in because of his lack of arm strength. If Pennington beats the Jets to win the division for the dolphins in front of the Jets faithful it will be the worst possible ending to a season, one that could only happen to a team that is as cursed as the New York Jets.

For now, lets not think about that worst of all possible scenarios. The Jets have two weeks remaining to show that they are not the same old Jets. Two games to prove this team is different. Two games to show that they made the right decision bringing in Favre and all of the other offseason actuations. Will this team crumble like so many Jets teams before it? We’ll know in two weeks.

Matt Nashban


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