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New coach? - No problem

I'm hoping that everybody will relax about the state of the Jets' head coaching position. I guarantee you all, by September, there will be a new head coach, he will hire a staff, they will coach the team, and the Jets will play sixteen games next year. At least sixteen. These things take time. In my opinion, if Bill "The Chin" Cowher just "had" to talk to the owner, he wasn't the right guy anyway. Mike Shanahan? I'd like him if he didn't insist on being the G.M. as well as the head coach, and we knew who he would bring as the defensive coordinator. I think Mike T. is good at what he does, and I think he will bring in more quality players for the Jets this year, as he has done every year he has run the draft (see Leon Washington, D'Brick, Nick Mangold, Dustin Keller, etc) Which brings me to who I think will end up as the new HC of the NYJ - either Stevie Spags or "Sexy" Rexy Ryan, either of which would be fine with me. With Favre hopefully out as the passer, a defensive minded coach will improve the areas the Jets need most improvement in - defense and sticking to the running game! The name of the game is kill the quarterback, and run the ball, and whoever does it the best and the most wins (see 2007 New York Giants and/or today's Raven/Dolphins game, but more on that later). I think with an improved defense and more of a commitment to getting TJ and Leon Washington the ball in space, the Jets could win 10 or 11 games next year with either Clemens, Ratliff or a veteran free agent signal caller. Looking around and seeing vets like Kurt Warner and Kerry Collins still playing, and the success of first year QB's like Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan, I don't think it's out of the question to win here with somebody not named Favre. Or Pennington. That's the story on that, and I'm sticking to it.
Anyone Else Want "Penny" Back?
As I predicted, the Ravens defense would remind us why Woody Johnson and Mike T. went all in this year and took a gamble on a first ballot hall of famer. Remember, Tom Terrific wasn't hurt in New England yet when they made the move, and they couldn't count on the Pats not winning 13 or 14 games this year. Building a team to win ten games with Pennington and lose in the first round of the playoffs is tired, and god knows we've been there and done that. Chad is the Herm Edwards of QB's - with a good team or a soft schedule he'll win you ten games, but once the competition gets stiffer, forget it. Remember how sickening it got to be watching Belichick outsmart Herm twice a year? Didn't we all get sick of strong armed QB's outplaying Chad? Pennington made a point of saying that this was his most enjoyable year in football. Well, old buddy, today was really enjoyable for a lot of people too. We'll se you again next year, and maybe the guy who was running the defense that made you look like the rookie out there will be running the show for the NYJ. As you said, sports are funny that way. I'm banking on it.
Playoffs? Playoffs???
I was glad to see the other team in green and white win today, as well as the Chargers and Ravens. I was pretty indifferent about the Falcons-Cards, so congrats to old man Warner and the red birds. I think the games were all good, solid contests, and I think next week is going to be simply outstanding football. For the record I like the Eagles over the Giants, the Panthers over the Cardinals, the Chargers to upset the Steelers and the Titans in a close one over the Ravens, although I don't feel as sure about that one. The Ravens "D" is playing like the Ravens "D" again. I'm seeing an Eagles-Chargers Super Bowl, with the Eagles in a close one. We shall see.


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