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Who are the Jets trying to fool?

Hello again, my intelligent creative and handsome followers. Sorry for the hiatus...unlike you weirdos, I have a life. So lets get started...
For some reason, the New York Jets think that everyone who follows their organization is, I don't know...an absolute idiot. Like we only pay attention to the Jets or the NFL during commercials of The Real Housewives of Orange County and Americas Best Dance Crew (or ABDC as the dirtballs who watch call it). Hello! We know who Rex "I only got a head coaching job because of who my dad is" Ryan is. I mean, this is your answer to not making the playoffs? This is your answer to spending all that money last off-season and getting nothing in return? This is your answer to one of the biggest season let downs in history? Rex Ryan!? Are you kidding me?
I don't know who's worse Obama or Ryan, or who made the worse first decision. Obama shutting down Gitmo Bay or Ryan wanting to keep Schottenheimer.The OC that led us to one of the greatest seasons ever, an awesome, winning season. The season where...wait...oh, that's right...NONE OF THAT HAPPENED!!!
I would have gotten rid of Schottenheimer, or "Lil' B." as I like to call him, before anybody. What is this? Do we just hire guys or continue to pay them more money in a year then I make in ten, just because of who their sperm donors are? If hiring people simply because of who their fathers are worked, then Chris Simms would be a starter somewhere. If this is the route we're going to take why don't we offer our special teams job to Archie Manning's other son...who? That's right, there's a third. Or maybe one of Andy Reid's sons, in between recreation and lights out, could battle for the head coaching job. They'd probably do it if the pay consisted of ammo and crack pipes. We could sweeten the deal by upgrading to hollow points and crystal meth for ten or more wins. One of em would do it.
C'MON JETS!! Give us a break. I'm sick of being used. I feel like a Bangkok prostitute when it comes to this ball club. Why don't you just throw my beaten body in the weeds by some interstate, when your done violating me. Please.
I don't know, we'll see. But I'm predicting 5-11 next year (that's if Favre returns). Without him, 3-13. That's right...he's only worth 2 games...he's done!
Well, I'm glad I could make everyone feel better. Keep listening......THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE.

--D.H. Bradway

1 comment:

  1. you my friend, needs to take a chill pill...between bangkok prostitues, throwing your beaten body, being violated, chris simms, gitmo bay(as you call it), obama, archie manning, and desperate housewives, rex ryan and sperm, what the hell are you talking about?

    you sound like a pyscho drinking way too much coffee at 7 eleven..put down the marlboro cigarettes down and realize that we broke away from the patriot hiring tree and that alone was a great move..also rex ryan might be a bust next season, for goodness sake he could be kotite in disguise but at least we have hope getting us through this cold winter..but we were not that far away from having a great team..the sky is not falling chicken little!

    finally let me say, the jets are the jets, they behave the jets way, if you cant realize or dont want to realize this go root for the giants!


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