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Jets Take Off Again

by Clifford J. Marlowe 9/30/2009

Having lived only two blocks from Shea Stadium, I was fortunate to watch the Jets play football there. My first jersey, number 12, was Joe Namath. When the Jets won the Super Bowl in 1969 all the kids were excited and we felt nothing was impossible for us to accomplish. After that however, I watched many games in disappointment. It has been a long time since that fever pitch has been in the air, but it is back. We always knew our team could score points but what good is scoring points if you can’t stop the other team from scoring more?

Coach Rex Ryan’s personality is a New York personality. He is a “take no prisoners” type of guy and the true “Joe six pack” blue collar man. This makes it a joy for New Yorkers to cheer and yell out loud again. It is in our blood as native Queens, New Yorkers to enjoy having a soar throat come Monday morning at work. But this time it is not from yelling at the refs or from a loss. To be able to turn to a fellow fan and say, “I was at the game!” brings joy.

Let’s get Mark Sanchez a pair of stockings. Let’s buy him a fur coat and let’s get Joe Namanth out again on the field to cheer with us. It is time to take off and soar as we never have before. When I was a child playing football our practice field was across from La Guardia Airport. I would watch the jets land and take off over and over again. It just made the long practice seem to zip right by until game day. Like those jets, our Jets have soared to new heights in the last three games. May your long work week be filled with the joy of watching the Jets land and soar until next Sunday. Take your child to Macy’s as my dad did and buy him a Mark Sanchez jersey. It is time for the Jets to take off again!.


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