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Broadway Braylon

By: Conor Reilly

Apparently the Jets don't like that taste of losing.

Because after 3 wins to start the year, New York responded to their first loss by acquiring wide receiver Braylon Edwards from the Cleveland Browns early today. He is a Pro Bowler. He was taken with the #3 pick in 2005. And he is 26, an absolute prime age for an NFL receiver. What did it take to get him? Leon Washington? David Harris? The biceps of Thomas Jones?

The answer: Jason Trusnik, Chansi Stuckey, and 2 draft picks no earlier than the third round. Wow. Let's just say if Edwards plays to a fraction of his ability, this is an absolute steal.

Yes, it hasn't been the best season for Edwards. This week it got worse, as he allegedly put the 'boom boom pow' on the face of someone in LeBron's Cleveland entourage. Not the best for PR. But if that's what drove down his value this low, I think Jets fans will be more than willing to pay the medical bills of LeBron's friend.

So what does this mean for Gang Green? Here are some quick snippets.
  • This can go one of two ways for Jerricho Cotchery. For the optimists, he will see way less attention from opposing defenses because they have to respect Edwards' deep threat. He will have an easier time getting open and will improve on his already-stellar production. For the pessimists, Cotchery may feel a little slighted that nobody believes in him as a true #1 receiver. He has done everything expected and more for this offense, and the Jets still kinda 'replaced' him at his #1 slot. But Cotchery has been nothing but a team-first guy from the start, and as long as the Jets win, it doesn't matter who gets the ball.
  • This only goes one way for the running game: POSITIVE. Just look at the Saints defense from Sunday. New Orleans just begged Sanchez and the pass game to beat them, as they committed many defenders to stopping the run. The Jets played right into that and got crushed. With Edwards now going deep, defenses will not dare play that style.
  • If Edwards can't become a professional in this locker room, he's not going to do it anywhere. Rex Ryan, Bart Scott, Kerry Rhodes, Cotchery, and others will let him know how to do things. His behavior in Cleveland was bad, but the man was in Cleveland, which is currently equivalent to a pool of lava in the NFL. An Eric Mangini no-fun pool of lava. He has a new lease on life for a contending team. If he wants to get his payday and perhaps even get a championship, now's his chance.
  • I do not see the downside in this deal. Yes, the picks are important in the long run, but let's go back to the not-so-distant past. The Jets nearly gave David Harris for Brandon Marshall just over a month ago. Now they give a special teams role player, a nice but unproven receiver, and 2 picks for Edwards? It's a tremendous move. And remember, Edwards is just months older than Stuckey. This isn't trading youth for some old guy. We may not have see the best of Edwards yet.
  • This team looks very sexy right now. We all know about the defense, but now offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer has his most talented offense to work with. Edwards as a home-run target, Cotchery as a top-of-the-line #2 possession receiver, Dustin Keller roaming the middle, and the 3 capable runners. As long as Sanchez doesn't pull too many more kamikaze missions, I'm not sure how you prepare for this unit now.
So there you have it. I for one am very excited about this move. If you're reluctant as a Jets fan, just think of this... Put yourself in the shoes of a Browns fan right now. Do you think for one second that you got the better part of this deal? Are you excited in any way?

Because I'm sitting here on the other side of the fence. And I'm just giddy.


  1. Hey, I'm just giving support to the other committed Sportsmix writers. I write at TitansMix. I see there are a few frequent fliers here. That's great. Keep up the good work guys. I have a lot of fun writing my column. I hope you do too.

  2. hey conor...just started writing for jetsmix today, wanted to extend a hello...

    i have to agree that things will open up for cotchery...he'll be able to settle up on underneath routes, that should really benefit him

    he's had to be the deep threat for the jets and i'm not sure he can be that guy over an entire season

    something you didn't mention, I think it will open things up for keller too...we can tell he's got the receiving ability, but with nobody threatening opposite cotchery, defenses could spare a safety to cover him...with edwards demanding another set of eyes, there's one less to cover keller/cotchery


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