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Dear Jets: Where's the Engine?

The Jets were at the Bills this Sunday and well if you haven't heard of the worst OT game in football history, mine would have to be this season's Jets v Bills and more than likely yours is too.

By now, after observing four games, we know that Mark is made for interceptions. If I could speak to Rex Ryan I would say: "Rex, we need to have Mark work without interceptions or else everyone will have him “Marked” for the QB with the most interceptions this season." While we can’t have him keep running the ball, something needs to be done about them interceptions. Wind causes fumbles? Maybe we need to stack Sanchez's hands with footballs! I do not encourage Sanchez throwing a football further than 20 yards."Interception" Sanchez, made five interceptions within the game, one of them at the most important point in the game.

Although the Bills' offense may be the ones considered inexperienced, the Jets seem to be in the same boat. After making the one interception early in the game on a good chance of having a good lead, Jets 26, Shephard's illegal contact reversed the interception. As I observed the influence that the windy weather had on this team's loss, I thought that it would probably help Rex to have his team master the velocity of wind and cold weather. We need to increase the high winds and cold atmosphere with the use of some fans and AC during practice (I'm just saying…)

I was happy that Feely made some good field goals. But he did miss that 25 yard field goal--but that fake FG really took me for a head spin. I was wondering: Why you would fake a field goal at a time when winning is essential at overtime?! If the Bills misses on the field goal for the win, why would Sanchez go against giving the field goal a chance and make a TD play? Someone told me that it was windy on the field. We know that! But we saw that as the Bills second attempt on the field goal in OT resulted in a win, that was the best bet. I was curious to know if the Jets actually wanted to win the game on Sunday.

What I loved was watching the effort to the play the game by the defense. I loved watching Jones make that 70 yard TD, endeavoring to make that break from a collar tackle. Every time that I saw Kerry Rhodes (my husband) make a play, I said to myself, "he's earning his keep" He did well on a blitz with Fitzpatrick, almost made an interception that ended up in an incomplete pass, tackled Fitzpatrick and was I think, praying that Jenkins would be healed as he was hoisted off the field with that torn knee ligament. I loved the little tiffs that were taking place between Darrelle Revis and Terrel Owens, with the tackle and startled mishap of a chance incompletion for Owens. We know that Leon Washington earns his paycheck when he made the 33 yard gain on the Bills' 47 in the first quarter.

Now this Sunday we are going up against the Oakland Raiders. We're not home, but I hope that we are realizing that we can't have our streak continue like it's going. Rex is still not shaking his faith in Interception Mark, and neither will I. This might be another nail biter, hopefully with the Jets taking a little flight from their three losses. I am expecting the game to be a win because of the streak that the raiders have been having within the season so far. While the Jets have been 3-3, the Raiders have been 2-4. The surprising thing is that the Raiders might do another upset as they did with Philadelphia and as a Jet fan, I am not anticpating that result. So on my end it's unpredictable. But you can check out what will take place on Sunday on CBS @ 4.


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