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Jets Overtake the Raiders for a Smooth Landing

It was the best game for the Jets' redemption after the three straight losses of the season. What I had not expected was the easy defeat of the Raiders. I am not upset about it, but I am stunned at the outcome and couldn't be more proud to be a Jets fan. So what happened?

On the opening drive we have Jamarcus Russel, quarterback of the Raiders, making that fumble that just helps give the Jets their first touchdown of the game. The good things kept on coming after the 58 yard drive of the first quarter. I was in mourning after Leon Washington got taken off the field for that leg injury he got.

Rex loves having fun with his defense and we saw that he makes sure that the Jets "swarm the football" or "be football hungry." Well that hunger made Jamarcus Russel give the football to safety man Leonhard for an interception that helped the Jets make the touchdown for a 14-0 lead over the Raiders. Mark made the touchdown on that play by luck as he ran the ball low and slam dunked the football over the field goal. There's nothing like that feeling when you know you have your mojo back after devastating losses. Besides that turnover touchdown, we have Darrell Revis intercepting Russel again for the touchdown that gives the Jets a 21-0 lead. At this point I am feeling that the Raiders must not be happy with Russel's performance. Now this is the third youngest rookie QB of the season, should we give hime some slack? Surveys says NO. (Sorry Jamarcus).

We congratulate Shonn Greene for making his first touchdown of his career and well the Jets are up 21-0. What I love about the Jets is the surprise effect they have. I was happy when I saw that punt fake by Weatherford. The Raiders replaced Jamarcus Russell with Bruce Gradkowsky to change the fate of the Raiders in the second half of the game. I can't say it did much because as Gradowsky tried to pull a Mark fake to get the first down in the third, it did not mean that the game would end in a profitable score. Besides getting sacked on a blitz, there was no break for a field goal or a td at any point in the game. The Jets got help to get their fourth touchdown with the work of Wallace White running close to the end zone. At this point I am wondering if I am watching only the Jets on the field because I see nothing happening on the Raiders field. I even noticed that Raiders' fans stopped booing the Jets and it was pretty quiet in the dome. But of course I was enjoying the fact that this game was the most possession of the Jets all season.

At this point in the fourth the Jets have on the score board a whopping 24 points and we almost have a turnover because of Mark's close fumble and near back injury and well we're moving at 30 points even though Feely missed a field goal. Shonn Greene's go again for the last touchdown of the game that made the final score a 38-0 lead. The Raiders could not catch a break with the Jets' defense in their attempt to get a TD and well we have the clock run out with the Jets colossal win over the Raiders. This must have put the Eagles to shame as their loss to the Raiders was nothing shy of a big embarassment. The Jets break record with the second team since 1960 to have a 300 rush yard game back to back. With all of this I could not have been happier for their comeback.

Now this Sunday, they will be playing the Miami Dolphins. And I am hoping that we're going to have another win. They Dolphins won the first game with the Jets week 5, but then again the Jets have been learning the game since then. The Dolphins were defeated by the Saints and so you have it that at Giant Stadium the Jets might be on point defeating them. They will be playing the Dolphins at 1pm on CBS. Let's look forward to a good game here folks.


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