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Schottenheimer Must Go

By Clifford J. Marlowe 10/4/09

Jets lose 24 – 10 to Saints

Did you notice this week’s loss is very similar to last year’s loss to Denver? Last year, we were coming off a five game winning streak. Here we are on a three game winning streak and boom, we lose. In both cases Brian Schottenheimer “schott” us in the foot with poor play calling, predictable play calling and non-aggressive play calling.

It does not matter if you have the great Brett Favre or the Heisman Trophy winner Mark Sanchez. If the play calling is predictable, then the defense can pick you apart, cause turnovers and win. He kept throwing short slant routes endangering our receivers. He ran a ridicules “wild cat” formations or as we old timers call it “single wing” offense in running circumstances. Why not pass out of it? His lack of Red Zone play calling was a joke.

What is on that play calling sheet he covers his mouth with on the sideline? It might as well be a menu for Burger King. The sad part about it is that he is letting Mark Sanchez take all the blame for the Jet’s loss and his poor selection of play calling. Brian, you need to step up and take some of this blame for your lack of homework.

If he put as much time into the offensive game plan as the defense did on their preparation, we would have won. The defense did their part. To only give up 17 points was nothing against an offense that came in averaging 40 or more points per game. What we did not have this year, just like last year in the Denver game, was good play calling. What we did have was Brian Schottenheimer. Rex, watch out my man. Which goes to show, you can have a great QB and come from a great pedigree, as Brian does, and still lose. It takes more than that. It takes being able to plan properly for any given circumstance and then adjusting to it on the fly to win. When our tight ends were split in a spread formations it was obvious that they were too slow to break free.

Put in fast receivers on spread formation then. How about no huddle for a while and slow down the blitzes? How about some screens and draws? How about staying with play action? Everyone knows Sanchez can run, so leave him in on running downs and use his skills. We can only hope Rex Ryan will hold Schottenheimer to the same high standard he holds Pettine to, his defensive assistant from the Ravens. If I were Rex Ryan I would place Brian in the booth upstairs and take over offensive play calling for a while. He may have inherited the choke from the past coach. In big games we don’t need that.

The Jets have all the right pieces in place, except for one. It appears that it is the Offensive Coordinator’s job. This Jets game was an eye opener. I was once on a team that had a bad offensive coordinator at the start of their season. The players came to the head coach and said, “Coach, we are not going to make it with this guy. His play selection is boring and he does not know how to win. The coach listened and then came back with a new Offensive Coordinator. Our team won the Championship that year. Why? Because the head coach was willing to listen. This is bigger than Brian Schottenheimer and his pedigree.

The Jets want to win another Super Bowl and if Brian is the weak link, now is the time to change it. We don’t have a season to waste with bad play calling again. Reviewing game films is usually done on a Monday. Let’s score Brian’s play calling performance as well. I would give an F to Brian for his part on Sunday. Suggestion: Make Mike Pettine Jr. the new Offensive Coordinator. He has proven he is hard working, putting in tireless hours in preparation. He comes from a great pedigree, too, and maybe better. His dad scored 85% each time he stepped on the field as head football coach. Pettine was also a State Championship QB in high school and QB in college as well. Maybe it is his time now.

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  1. Metcalf 21,
    It did remind me of last year's season, equally disappointing with continous interceptions. This performace, or lack thereof, begs the question if Sanchez just got luck when facing Brady bunch. Time will tell quickly about the newer Gang Green. I enjoyed reading your commentary, stay in the game..
    Steve 33


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