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Gang Green Makes Respect Contagious

So this past Sunday was the day we got to see what kind of team the Jets could be, given the right coaching staff and quarterback. We have two rookies, making history with 3-0 opener to the season. Now the irony is that they became the” giants” as they made the Titans fall to their 0-3 loss at the Meadowlands. I must say that I was fearful about this game because Sanchez was making fumbles and throwing one interception and two other possible interceptions like it was nobody’s business. But the result of the game was a fortunate one as the clock ran out and allowed the Jets to realize that they do have what it takes to make it to the super bowl this season--with some serious practice.

Now this surprise streak is keeping everyone on their toes because as my baby Kerry Rhodes said, “The team lacks respect.” I think faithful Jets fan realize the potential the team has to succeed, however with a lackluster coach such as Mangini and a struggling quarter back such as Pennington or a superstar like Favre, the point of the team enjoying the game was gone. You can see that Sanchez and Ryan has that grit and energy that NYers have and you have to love the effort made in trying to maintain the momentum in order to earn that respect back. I was eating it up the first time I saw the Jets kicked butt to the Patriots, you know they wouldn’t have been able to head over to Long Island and tape Rex’s plays so early in the season, right?

What I loved watching was the manner in which Sanchez made some significant plays: from his taking the leap to make that first touchdown to making some fakes and passing the ball to his teammates that stumped the Titans. I know that he won the heart of NYers because he’s demonstrated that he’s got heart for the game. It’s something I’ve always believed: When you love what you do and who you work with, your performance will be great no matter the little mistakes that are made along the way. I am bowing to the greatness that will be rising from the Sanchez.

Rex Ryan is the next man that encourages that flavor that was lacking between Mangini and Favre. He’s a risk taker! He loves to see that his players are making plays that are not seen by the league on a regular basis. He’s coming to the Jets as a former defensive coordinator and you can see that his ideas are being translated to the offense as well. We had some turnovers of our own and some field goals that patched up some of Sanchez’s dirty work, but it’s what you want to see. Everyone’s head is in the game and you’ve got two hardcore leaders sending that message that they are in this game to play hard and win the game. We need to consider how much we rely on Washington, Jones and Cotchery and not take their position on the team for granted. Although Sanchez and Ryan are the ones who suggest the plays, these men are putting it out there too. Supporting Sanchez when he needed a recovery of a fumble, scoring a 46 yard gain or helping make that run to field goal range a little closer is what makes the game unpredictable. You wonder if the risks that Ryan encourages, make the teams’ game winning chances unpredictable and have you love the Jets even more because of it. I am having a flashback to the unsuspecting 2007 Superbowl 47 takeover of the Patriots by the Giants…Only this time I’m seeing green and white jerseys.

Now the Jets will be marching to the Saints this Sunday a little late in the day and I’m hoping that it’s another win. But the Saints are no innocents and I am excited to see what the outcome will be in the 4th quarter. The Jets unpredictable offense against the intimidating defense of the Saints makes my knees shake. Perhaps with Ryan and Spagnuolo defensive tactics, the Saints will keep the game a close one in the 3rd quarter. But I’m hoping that if the Saints and their fan base cause Sanchez to make more than a few fumbles that we’ll have some time to run away with a hard earned victory. I’m thinking this is the game to watch at 4 on CBS. It’s going to be a good one.


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