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Watch Out Kobayashi...

By: Robert Cowper

This year's most famous hot dog wasn't eaten by Takeru Kobayashi or even Joey Chestnut; nay, it was consumed by one Mark Sanchez.

On the sidelines during their massive win over the lowly Oakland Raiders, Sanchez was caught by cameras eating a hot dog. My first reaction was: a hot dog? Of all the things to grab for a snack on the sideline, I never would have guessed a hot dog. Did they send an equipment manager up to the concession stand with a wig and sunglasses? Did Sanchez grab it from a cooperative Oakland fan? (Hopefully not, otherwise we may hear about some food poisoning this week)

After thinking about it for the better part of the day's Sportscenter, Mike and Mike and First Take cycles, who really cares? It was a damn hot dog. I'm sure plenty of guys get hungry on the sidelines during the game but won't eat because they don't want to get caught up in the storm that Sanchez is now wrapped in. Owen Daniels, among other pros who were asked the question admitted that he's eaten protein bars and sunflower seeds on the sidelines. Maybe it's because Sanchez doesn't know any better. Maybe at the Rose Bowl, Mark used to chowdown on fajitas and chicken parmigiana and this was him toning it down for the prude NFL audience.

Who knows? And again, who cares? Not me.

Let's be happy that Sanchez was on the sideline and didn't go into the locker room to get his calorie fix. Manny Ramirez was recently in the news because he missed how his Dodgers ended up finishing a close game in the MLB playoffs because he hit the showers early. His response? Something to the effect of: "I saw the highlights." I know baseball is a different game than football but at least we don't generally hear about stories like that.

Until we hear about Peyton Manning stuffing his face with caviar or Tom Brady dantily sipping a cup of tea, let's hold off on the media hype and overreaction that this story is getting. Never since The Jungle has processed meat seen so much airtime on the national media.


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