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AFC Championship

By Ryan Morrison

This Sunday we will finally get to see if Peyton Manning is all he’s cracked up to be as he takes on Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers…Wait…What? They lost to who?

That’s RIGHT all you naysayers.

The good ol' New York Jets are still kicking and kicking hard. This has left many analysts speechless, and many Bengals and Chargers fans suicidal, but that couldn’t matter less to gang green. For the first time in however many years this New York Jets team has been shocked alive by their rookie coach and finally come out with the heart of champions and the attitude of the state they call home. Rooms booked in Miami for the Super Bowl? Sure are! Revis still shutting down any all-star the league can throw at him? Yup! Thomas Jones and Shonn Greene still plowing it through the best defensive lines in the NFL? You bet!

They know they’re the underdogs, they know no one expected this, and they know not too many people are happy with it. When Rex Ryan was asked about the upcoming AFC championship game he answered that it was “A match up that probably nobody wanted, but too bad,” Ryan said. “Here we come.”

There isn’t much more to say after that. Rex and his squad will be coming to Indianapolis and they won’t be leaving without the AFC championship locked up. They are a new team, a young team, and a team full of heart. Many have said what they can’t do but they have left either dropped jaws or shut mouths in their wake. So let me stop and take a moment to apologize in advance Colts fans. It’s been fun, but we have a super bowl to win.


  1. That was the best article I have ever read

  2. If you write anonymous it looks like I'm just complimenting myself haha.


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