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Tannenbaum Strikes Again

When it was announced late last night that the Jets had traded for Santonio Holmes it became official that they are focusing on winning right now. If you hadn’t noticed from all the headlines coming from Rex Ryan’s mouth for the past year, announcing that the Jets will win the Super Bowl before Obama is out of office. Or if you forgot that just 2 months or so ago, the Jets were 30 minutes away from heading to their first Super Bowl since 1969. And by some chance you missed the fact that the Jets earlier this year brought in 2 pro bowl quality players in the aging Ladainian Tomlinson and Antonio Cromartie. Well now the Jets have taken it to another level; they have come to your front lawn with a megaphone in order to announce their presence among the NFL’s elite.

The fact that the Jets were able to steal Holmes from the Steelers with a 5th round draft pick speaks wonders to how fed up the Steelers are with Holmes’s circus act of the field. He has already been in trouble with the league twice before and is now facing pending legal troubles after a Florida woman accused Holmes of throwing a glass at her face. If this hadn’t been the case there is no way that Holmes is going for anything less than a first round pick. I mean he is only one season removed from being the Super Bowl MVP. However, hopefully Holmes will get off on the charges and he won’t be suspended because if he is on the field then the Jets may now have the best offense in football to go along with the best defense.

The Jets are already returning the league’s best rushing attack and now they may have balanced out their offense. They now boost a receiving core that features Holmes, Braylon Edwards, Jerricho Cotchery, TE Dustin Keller along with Shonn Greene, Leon Washington and Ladainian Tomlinson at running backs. Also don’t forget about Brad Smith lining up behind center in the Jets Seminole offense. Next Season when young QB Mark Sanchez drops back to pass, he is going to look all over the field and see pro bowl quality players everywhere he looks.

I almost feel like apologizing to other teams in the NFL they already may not be able to score on the Jets defense and now as long as Sanchez is able to builds chemistry with this year’s offensive group then they may not be able to stop them either. Although if teams think they are going to get any apologies from Jet fans or the Jets themselves then they must be crazy. Although some are already trying, Chad Ochocino was the first to ask for mercy last night he sent this tweet to Commissioner Roger Goodell. Saying, "Mr. Goodell the jets are unfairly loading their team up with great players like the Yankees do, we need to stop this now!" Sorry Chad but it’s not gonna happen, there may not be anyone stopping the Jets next year. Although if the Jets do sign Jason Taylor, then maybe I’ll consider giving you your apology.

BY: Paul Malamood

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  1. Excellent 5***** article, oh, by the way, you forgot that the aging great LaDainian Tomlinson is also a threat at wide receiver, and you better believe that Coach Rex Ryan will utilize his talents any way possible.


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