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The New New York Jets

So Far my life as a Jets fan as taught me a few things. One of the most important has been to never get too excited about an upcoming season. The reason why? Well I’m sure every Jets fan knows the answer to this. It is simply because I don’t think the Jets have ever been capable of putting together back to back good seasons. Something always seems to go wrong. This was made evident to me in my first game ever as a Jets fan. For some unknown reason the first team I fell in love with was the 49ers. I considered myself as die-heart a fan as is possible for an 8 year old kid. After the 1998 season my dad convinced me that since the Jets and the 49ers were in different conferences that it would be ok to root for both of them and only be forced to choose between them, when they played each other. Needless to say his ploy worked and I soon forgot all about my lost love, the 49ers. Well lucky enough for me I learned very quickly how my life as a Jets fan would turn out.
We all know that going into the 1999 season the Jets were one of if not the favorite to win the Super Bowl. However in the first game of the season and my first as a Jets fan, beloved quarterback Vinny Testaverde went down with a torn Achilles tendon. This forced punter Tom Tupa to take over at QB and effectively ended the Jets Super Bowl hopes. After that year we all know the see-saw that has been New York Jets football. One year in the playoffs, the next a 4 and 12 season. This cycle has seemed to repeat itself every single year since I became a Jets fan (and pretty much all of Jets history). Since 99’ we have been through 6 head coaches (although one in particular only lasted one day) and are now on our 6th starting quarterback. However this year we are all potentially setting ourselves up to yet again fall victim to the Same Old Jets Syndrome. However this year I truly believe that we need not be worried and there are many reasons why.
First off, never in my tenure as a Jets fan have I seen a truly dominating defense, let alone the best in the league. The defense has only gotten better this past off-season and I can tell you as a former defensive player, that a great defense very rarely goes on a vacation. Secondly, we now have a coach who has proven to the fans and the team that he truly has his players’ backs. From the outside looking in, Coach Ryan looks like the kind of coach every player would dream to play for. Not only is he brilliant when it comes to x’s and o’s, but he is a great motivator and has no problem putting his neck out on the line in the media so that his players don’t have to feel that pressure. The Jets also now have an offense that with the potential exception of the left guard spot doesn’t have any holes. We have the best o-line in football, the depth of our receiving core makes it almost impossible to double team one player, we have an incredible running game and last but not least we have a quarterback in Mark Sanchez who proved by his performance in the playoffs (the first half of the AFC championship game in particular) that he very well may be the most promising young quarterback in the league. Taking all of this into consideration, all off-season I have had one huge fear, and that is that the team would get to comfortable with being the paper champs going into the season and under perform greatly. I had been hoping that Rex wouldn’t allow that to happen and I still don’t think he would. However, it wasn’t until I read something online last week that made me almost completely sure that we are in for one heck of a season. I don’t remember where I read it or which player was quoted saying, but it truly made my day. This player said that we need to focus on not getting caught up in being the off-season paper champs, because when push comes to shove, winning the off-season doesn’t mean anything. This is something that every fan knows and fears, but it was incredible actually hearing it out of a player’s mouth. It was this simple quote that finally made me realize that maybe these Jets really are, the New New York Jets.
By: Paul Malamood

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  1. Firstly, we, Jets fans, have always been an insecure bunch, with good reason. The emotional rollercoaster they put you on, always takes its toll. They score and you look for the damn yellow flag. It's always something. Paranoia has been a close second.


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