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What Jet Fans Should Fear

As I said earlier this week I am not worried at all about the Jets signing Darrelle Revis to a contract extension. I am however worried about the Jets ability to sign the rest of their star free agents, starting with three in particular: David Harris and Nick Mangold who are free agents after next season and D’Brickashaw Ferguson who still has two years remaining on his contract. It was these three players who along with Darrelle Revis started the youthful turnaround of the Jets. Although these three players don’t receive nearly as much press as Revis does, all of them are equally important to the success of the Jets.
Mangold and D’Brickashaw are the cornerstones of our offensive line and they are the two players that have allowed the unit to become the dominant force that it is today. They have started every single Jets game since they both were drafted in the 1st round of the 2006 NFL Draft. Mangold the 29th overall pick is charged with being the leader of the Jets offensive line and he does so more than adequately. He came into the league having tough shoes to fill, as a rookie he was asked to step right into the position formally filled by Kevin Mawae who at the time was the best center in the NFL. Well in my eyes he definitely has filled those shoes becoming in my opinion the best center in the NFL today.
D’Brickashaw was drafted 4th overall putting him in a position with equal if not more pressure on him the Mangold. When a team takes the risk of drafting an offensive lineman that early in the draft it puts an extraordinary amount of pressure on that player because the team is saying that they are confident he will become the cornerstone of the offensive line for years to come. In the first few years of his career it appeared as if he wouldn’t quite live up to his billing. However, in his third year he began to turn the corner towards becoming the star player the Jets drafted him to be and last year he proved that the Jets were correct in drafting him in the spot they did. He isn’t the best left tackle in the NFL, he plays in a position that is too deep in talent to say that already, but his performance last year definitely put him in the conversation.
In 2006 the Jets drafted for their offensive line, in 2007 it was all about defense. The Jets took Revis in the first round and then in the 2nd round they traded up to draft stud Linebacker David Harris. In his rookie year he led the team in tackles with 117 and had 87 in his second season in which he missed 5 games due to injury. Last year he yet again led the Jets NFL best defense in tackles despite the fact that he was playing alongside all-star linebacker Bart Scott. Until he was traded to the Saints, Jonathon Vilma was my favorite Jet; however I was easily able to get over his departure because I knew that David Harris would quickly turn into one of the best inside backers in the game, and he has.
These are only three of the Jets key players who will become free agents in the upcoming two years, but they are all in my mind irreplaceable. If the Jets have any designs on turning themselves into a dynasty, the first thing they need to do is make sure that they will have enough money to lock these three up as Jets for years to come. It won’t be easy; they will have to do so after turning Revis into the highest paid cornerback in the league. That however does not mean a thing. So far the Jets have been both talking the talk and walking the walk since the start of the Rex Ryan regime, but if they hope to continue doing so, they must do so with these three stars going along for the ride. So Mike Tannenbaum and Woody Johnson, I beg you, please find a way to sign them!

BY: Paul Malamood


  1. I think the Jets future rests on the shoulders of one Dirty Sanchez. The defense is there, and the coaching staff is very creative.

  2. For this next season you are right, but if the Jets hope to be great for more than one year they need to do more then just rely on The Dirty Sanchez

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. That's so funny that you guys call your quarterback The Dirty Sanchez. In Miami we do the same but without the love. Good Luck this year. Your going to need it with that schedule. Reminds me of one the Dolphins had recently.



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